Friday, 18 March 2011

Final Peer Feedback

1. Describe the type of camerawork which has been used. Do you think it is effective? Why?
POV shot, Close up, Handheld which helped show intensity, Long Shots, Mid Shots, Panning Shot and good Reaction Shot. This collection of various camera shots creates an interesting opening sequence.

2. What type of sound has been used?Does it work with the visuals? How?
Intense Music, with speech added to the effect of the storyline. With added both non-diegetic and diegetic sound.

3. How has the mise-en-scene been constructed? Does it have an impact on the thriller genre?
Realistic costumes, the fake poison helped construct the narrative, again location helped create the sense of realism. Good aspects of thriller genre.

4. What editing techniques have been used?
Effective transitions and credits. Jump cuts made it seem faster paced.

5. Can you think of any constructive criticisms?
Production logo could have been longer, laughter in the background needs to be taken out. More editing techniques could be used.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Plan For This Lesson - Tuesday 15th March

This lesson we will be focusing mainly on editing and blogging. We have the main part of our sequence but we need to get the continuity flowing and possibly add in some effects where needed. The  sequence was potentially too long as it can only be 2 minutes, so by using things such as cuts in the right places, we can get the scenes still making sense but also shortening it at the same time.

Filming Outcome

Filming went reasonably well, we managed to get to location and shoot everything all in one session. Although due to circumstances out of our control, we were unable to shoot in the garage leaving us unable to do our garage scene. As a result of this we did not film the torture scene but we have scenes that connotate that the character Harry is in danger/hurt instead like when he's dragged away.

Film Name - Maniacal

The name we chose for our film is Maniacal.
This term comes from the word maniac which is a person who distributes extreme wild or violent behaviour.
Maniacal means to be affected with or suggestive of madness of which we see madness displayed by the girl in our opening sequence.

Peer Feedback From The Other Class

Good use of Continuity
Good Camerawork

No background music
Suit with Nike air max's - we found this comment not really relevant
Wasn't really connected to the Thriller genre

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Peer Feedback from Brett, Tutal, Lover and James

Camera Work - Mid/Close shots and long shot.

Mise-en-scene - suit and casul clothing to suit the house/scene. Works with genre as it looks serious.

Sound - Footsteps on gravel (loud), door opening.

Editing - Not much editing yet, but use of shot types excellent.

Group comment - sound quite loud but clear. Talking mega lolz.
Improvement - more editing to catch the thriller genre.